Master in Sports Coaching and Psychology ( Spanish only)

Madrid , Spain
Up to 1 yr
31 / 03
Specialize and develop your skills with the best advanced techniques in sports coaching and psychology hand to hand with active professionals from the main sports organizations.

Full description

Nowadays we can see more oftenly how Clubs, organizations and atheletes (professionals or not) work closely and hire sport coaches and psychologists to improve their athletes performance. At the same time it is required for all this sports psychology professionals to work closely with the athlete’s families and entourages in order to adapt their life to their professional goals as much as possible.

Beyond improving their physiscal skills, technics or tactics, sportsmen, coaches and managers need to use Sports coaching and psychology methods and tools to answer the exigencies of their sport related entourages.

This programme contents include the last trends that are being used in the main High Performance Centers or Sports Organizations worldwide, but beside this the student will work in all kind of situations that the sports professional could be involved and how help him/her to go through and develop a successful sports career.

This Master aims to prepare the students to domain all aspects referring to the athletes life, with special contents as Personnal Branding, in which professionals from the Sports Communications area will teach our students how to deal with media and fans through the new scenario in which professional athletes have become stars.

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