European Handball Federation

The European Handball Federation (EHF) is the umbrella organisation for 49 member federations and three associated federation (Kosovo, England and Scotland) – stretching to all corners of the European continent – with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Since its foundation in November 1991, the EHF has taken on the role of ambassador to European handball, acting as a common voice for the European member federations and representing the entire European Handball Family on the international sporting stage.

More about us

Starting with the very conception of the European Handball Federation, the structure of the EHF has changed in line with its dynamic business philosophy and new and changing trends within the spheres of European handball. This change has brought with it new initiatives and indeed new challenges.

The EHF focuses its strengths and invests its resources on the development of the sport of handball in general with the overall objective to optimise product placement on the competitive sporting market, delivering the delights of handball in the form of high-profile branded events.