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Using the latest research and technology, we have developed a comprehensive training programme to help individuals develop their EQ to enhance their leadership performance and wellbeing.

Full description

Description of programme:
RocheMartin work across all levels of sport to help leaders and coaches define, measure and build their emotional intelligence skills to enhance their performance and wellbeing.

Participating in a training programme will benefit your performance in a number of ways.

It will help to develop the social and emotional competencies required to be highly effective in the modern world of high performance sport.
You will learn how to manage your emotional responses during pressurised situations, so that you can make better decisions, thus leading to more positive outcomes.
You will build the capacity to motivate and inspire those that you work with and lead.
It will help you understand powerful strategies for building and maintaining energy levels
Enhance your ability to understand others and build collaborative relationships, so that you can create environments conducive to enjoyment and high performance.

Who the programme would benefit most:
The training programme would have the biggest impact on the performance and wellbeing of leaders and coaches within the world of sport. In order to build the social and emotional competencies crucial to success, participants should be driven and committed to their continuous development. The programme has the biggest impact when individuals are open to new approaches and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

What’s involved?

In order to create the optimal learning experience for participants, the programme takes a blended learning approach, combining our unique digital tools, with face-to-face coaching support from a RocheMartin certified practitioner.

The programme includes three key elements:

An initial conversation via Zoom with a RocheMartin coach to discuss the programme in some more detail, answer any questions the candidate might have, and discuss how the training will benefit their performance and wellbeing.
ECR self assessment and a 1-hour, face-to-face feedback session.
3 months unlimited access to RocheMartin’s unique online learning platform – SmartCoach.

The online programme comprises 7 key modules based on the competencies within the ECR assessment. Each module includes:

Exclusive and highly practical video content from RocheMartin founder and leading psychologist - Dr. Martyn Newman
Interactive, skills based activities
End of module evaluations


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