Video Refereeing Technician

Aigle, Schweiz
Brutto/ Jahresgehalt
Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2019
Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

Overseeing the proper functioning of the video refereeing system (TV Support Commissaire Van) and ensuring implementation on the ground at events designated by the UCI (Grand Tours, Monuments, UCI Road World Championships, etc.) for approximately 80% of the annual working time. Conducting various tasks in support of the UCI Sports Department in connection with UCI computer and video tools for the remaining working time.
Main responsibilities

  • Before events, ensuring good relationships with organisers, TV production companies and the organisers' technical service providers;
  • Arranging travel logistics (accommodation, equipment, transport, schedule, etc.) in liaison with the driver of the TV Support Commissaire Van and organisers;
  • Maintaining computer equipment (software and hardware) and video equipment and anticipating technological developments in order to ensure consistency in the level of service;
  • Liaising with Commissaires who are appointed to carry out video refereeing, establishing the necessary working procedures and training Commissaires

Operational responsibilities

  • For all designated events (approximately 140 days of travel a year), ensuring the daily connection of the facilities (TV Support Commissaire Van) to a power supply, the Internet, the organisation's radio networks (Radio Tour, Commissaires’ radio) and the TV production truck in order to access up to 16 video streams;
  • Ensuring the parameterisation and configuration of all computer and video tools (Internet and IP networks, computer workstations, dedicated video assistance server);
  • Disassembling the entire system at the end of the day;
  • Overseeing the proper functioning of all computer and video equipment and making sure that any problems or malfunctions are resolved throughout the event;
  • Driving the TV Support Commissaire Van in observance of the rules of the road in order to share the driving with the van driver during long journeys and/or for hotel and work site transfers.

Technical profile

  • Proven professional experience in the domain of video, television production and events;
  • Very good computing knowledge (software and hardware) including of Linux environments;
  • Advanced knowledge of the principles of connectivity and video streaming, in particular via optical fibre;
  • Ability to establish and maintain a video streaming management system (transport via optical fibre modulators/demodulators, SDI connections, video router, etc.);
  • A good knowledge of networks (TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP);
  • A type C driving licence (+3.5 tonne heavy goods vehicle) is an asset but the UCI will provide training if necessary.

Personality and other assets

  • An excellent ability to cope with the stress relating to the uncertainties of events and the technical difficulties of working in an outdoor environment;
  • A capacity to work in a team in a sometimes "hostile" environment: outdoors and subject to adverse weather, in a confined environment (van), over long periods of time (3 weeks for a Grand Tour);
  • Availability and capacity to cope with a significant travel schedule (minimum of 140 days travel a year);
  • An interest in cycle sport is a strong asset;
  • Fluency in spoken and written French is essential; professional English is essential;
  • Knowledge of Spanish, Dutch or Italian is an asset.

Start date: February 2019

Join us and you will have every opportunity to use your skills, to be involved in current sporting activities and to contribute to the success of a modern and dynamic organisation. If you are interested in this position and
you meet the criteria outlined in the profile, please e-mail your application and supporting documents (covering letter, CV, employment references and qualifications) to the following address:

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