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Marketing BI & Data Analytics Expert

Location Nyon, Schweiz
Posted 28.11.2018
Closes 23.12.2018
Sector Verbände & LOKs
Function Business Development & Vertrieb
Contract Type Festeinstellung
Hours Vollzeit
Salary Wettbewerbsfähig

Job Description

Job information:

Division / Unit: Marketing / Marketing Activities & Sponsorship
Contract type: Permanent
Start date: 01.02.2019
Location: Nyon


The Marketing Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Expert is responsible for planning, defining, analysing, updating, presenting and managing ongoing execution of UEFA marketing goals.
The role focuses on delivering actionable insights to support marketing teams while ensuring core marketing reporting is delivered through stable and appropriate platforms for all stakeholder needs.
Projects typically involve a combination of strategy and execution.


- Identifying success indicators and determining best practices for measurement and reporting at marketing macro and team micro levels;
- Creating and delivering timely accessible reporting enabling marketing teams to make data-driven business decisions with actionable knowledge;
- Coordinating data silos, leading to better insights across the business and allowing executives and key decision-makers to take advantage of previously unrecognised opportunities;
- Delivering fan, product and content insights to understand user behaviour, and feeding learnings back to the content and product teams to help define priorities;
- Identifying opportunities to enrich and commercialise current data sets, and additional data source partnerships that can drive revenue, knowledge and opportunities;
- Collaborating with other team members to maintain, develop, execute, and analyse the performance of marketing campaigns;
- Providing, supporting, and training key users in self-serve analytics, empowering key users to conduct their own analysis using coherent, capable, and user-friendly tools, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement;
- Defining ways to leverage technology and analytics across teams to enhance predictive models, decision engines, marketing metrics, and marketing strategies, and constitute a technical gateway between business owners and developers/analysts.


Experience required:
- 6 years in a strategy, analytics or business intelligence role
- from 4 to 6 years hands-on experience with SQL, Excel, data mining and web-based reporting dashboards, including Google Analytics, Tableau and Power BI
- from 4 to 6 years with cloud-based CRM architectures, social platforms, display and search campaigns, OTT and marketing automation platforms

- Bachelor's in business administration, finance, economics, operational research, maths, computer science, engineering, finance, statistics, or a related technical field

- English / Proficient

Additional requirements:
- CRM / Advanced
- Project Management / Advanced
- Fundamental understanding of business needs and operational requirements of sports and entertainment organisations
- Experience with market research design and related technologies
- Agile project management experience and ability to drive successful end-to-end project execution
- Strong communication and presentation skills, with an emphasis on translating business needs into data needs and then data analysis into easy to understand tactics and insights
- Service-minded
- Able to work in a team and independently to tight schedules