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EURO 2020 Team Safety Operations Coordinator

Location Nyon, Schweiz
Posted 15.04.2019
Closes 10.05.2019
Sector Verbände & LOKs
Function Veranstaltung & laufender Betrieb
Contract Type Festeinstellung
Hours Vollzeit
Salary Wettbewerbsfähig

Job Description

Job information:

Division / Unit: Operations / Venue Operations
Contract type: Fixed Term
Start date: 01.07.2019
End date: 31.07.2020
Location: Nyon


In 2020, the UEFA EURO will celebrate its 60th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the tournament will be played across 12 different European cities - bringing the EURO closer to the fans and celebrating the best of European football and culture. To make this all possible, we need fantastic, dedicated people in every area.

The EURO 2020 Team Safety Operations Coordinator will help the local organisational structures (LOS) to implement the safety, security and service (SSNS) requirements at all official EURO 2020 team sites. His/her core responsibility is to align the requirements set by the UEFA Safety and Security unit and the UEFA Team Services unit, within the SSNS concept of each location. The EURO 2020 Team Safety Operations Coordinator will liaise with the LOS to ensure they have all necessary materials and documentation to deliver the agreed plan on-site.


- Helping the organiser to develop and implement the SSNS concept(s);
- Ensuring the LOS counterparts have all the necessary information and documentation to create an SSNS concept/ plan at each site;
- Ensuring all documentation is in place to comply with local safety and security regulations (excluding health and safety);
- Developing a procurement plan in coordination with each LOS for the equipment needed to deliver the security operations at UEFA events;
- Managing the project plan/timeline and budget for each site;
- Ensuring obligations are met by each party in terms of delivery of the SSNS plan;
- Reviewing private security and stewarding set-ups at the sites;
- Helping with event training for private security/stewarding organizations at each venue/site;
- Taking part in site visits when required;
- Helping to produce drawings and presentations describing the planned SSNS arrangements.


Experience required:
- from 4 to 6 years / experience in event management, ideally with a focus on security operations

- Bachelor's in sports management or event management would be an asset

- English / Proficient

Additional requirements:
- MS Excel / Advanced
- MS Outlook / Advanced
- MS PowerPoint / Advanced
- Ability to read technical drawings or plans
- Willing to travel
- Languages other than English would be an asset
- Meticulous
- Willing to work long, irregular hours
- Ability to work well under pressure